Olson Mfg, LLC dba V-RAM Pumps, a leader in the manufacturing of rendering and processing pumping systems, is now operating on solar power. V-RAM Pumps has installed a 40KW Solar PV System to help protect the environment.

Olson Mfg, LLC dba V-RAM Pumps has been in the manufacturing business for over 100 years and has been manufacturing the V-RAM Pumping Systems for over 40 years. There have been a lot of inventions and changes over the 100 years in business and believe that solar power is one of the best solutions to help the environment and control costs. The V-RAM pumping systems are engineered and designed to pump difficult materials, such as: animal offal, bones, MDM, to crab and shrimp shells to potato peels. V-RAM takes pride in their understanding and knowledge of materials in the rendering and processing industry in order to design and build the most reliable pumping system. V-RAM is committed to customer satisfaction and will not sell a pump just to sell a pump.

Visit at the IPPExpo in Atlanta, GA Jan 26-28, 2016 Booth# B5216. Also visit the website at www.vram.com or contact us at 888-373-3996 for more information about V-RAM Pumps.