How much does 1 gram of beef cost your company? If each patty you produce totals 1 gram over target weight, your give-away will soon surpass the cost of your forming machine! The new NovaMax500, the next generation of slide-plate formers from Formax, a Provisur Technologies Inc. brand – is an ideal solution that consistently delivers a higher quality, more consistent product at a lower cost. Slide-plate formers are perfectly suited for processors that form a wide variety of formed products and require a wide range of tooling.

There will be no shortage of demand for meat products in the future. In fact, 96% of Americans already make meat and poultry products a part of their diets, according to the American Meat Institute. To meet this growing demand, the U.S. meat industry processed34.1 million cattle, 2.2 million sheep and lambs plus 110.9 million hogs in 2011. That same year, American meat companies produced26.3 billion lbs. of beef, 22.8 billion lbs. of pork and 291 million lbs. of veal, lamb and mutton. In addition to fresh cuts, value-added meats are an important, growing component of the red meat industry. Processed meat products are finding their way into an increasing number of homes and onto more restaurant menus.

Since red meat packers and processors want to utilize as much of their raw meat materials as possible, the NovaMax500 was created to help processors manufacture more saleable products to bring about a true balance of ROI and throughput. Incorporating the NovaMax500 results in superior red meat products and optimal operational throughput while consistently ensuring advanced hygiene.

This next-generation replacement for the F-19 forming system ensures processors will always satisfy stringent customer demands while improving their own costs, portion control and machine maintenance. Servo-controlled, rotary-product pump works in tandem with feed-screw movements that prevent overworking, plus it delivers a more natural bite for consumers. Meanwhile, a Servo Knock-Out System ensures precise product placement to downstream conveying systems.

Various speed requirements are met with a Direct Drive Servo System that performs at strokes of up to 100 per minute and a production rate of up to 6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg) per hour. Operators are afforded better process control via a 15-inch (381 mm) Touch-Screen Interface that offers a full range of operating and diagnostic screens in multiple languages.

The NovaMax500 forming system also features a unibody construction and a rigid one-piece pump box that saves time while assuring effective washdowns. Pivoting feed-screw drives, hopper and removable feed screws enable easy, thorough cleaning plus reduce maintenance time and costs. It is compatible with existing F-19 tooling and accessories for maximum savings and efficiency. Using existing F-19 tooling with the NovaMax500 could save a processor about as much money as what a new machine would cost. And the machine fits in the same footprint as the F-19. In some applications, processors may be able to get the same output with just one NovaMax500 as they were previously getting from two other forming machines combined. It also runs with popular filling and tooling systems for ground, whole-muscle and 3D products, including Tender-Form, Port-Fill, Verti-Form, Poultry-Plus and True-Sculpt.

Formax offers the most versatile red meat forming technology in the market. If you’d like a Formax representative to contact you and explain how you can get more forming technology for your money, fill out the form at or email