Dr. Rodrigo Tarté is joining the Meat Science faculty in the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University on April 1, 2015, as Assistant Professor of Processed Meat Science and Technology. Dr. Tarté has served as Director, Research and Development for the John Morrell Food Group since 2012.

He was previously R&D Director for Creta Farms USA, Senior R&D Scientist for Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer and R&D Director for Rica Rondo. Dr. Tarté is a graduate of Iowa State University, receiving his Ph.D. degree in Food Science and Technology, and Meat Science. At Iowa State University, Dr. Tarté will teach and conduct research on processed meats and value-added product technology. His research will have a strong focus on the development and application of technologies to enable product innovation and increase product value, and on the scientific understanding of—and development of practical solutions to—technical challenges faced by meat processors. His teaching and student mentorship efforts will be aimed at equipping students with both the hard and soft skills necessary for success in industry or academia.

Source: Iowa State University