nSetup225.jpgEven within the same industry, the needs and requirements of hardware differ considerably from operation to operation. That is why noax Technologies AG has equipped its industrial hardware with a microcontroller (MCU) and NSetup software. This combination offers IT administrators multiple advantages. Administrators have the option to configure numerous parameters of their noax industrial PCs to meet the needs of their company. For example, settings for uninterrupted power supply (UPS), power functions, PCIe configuration, settings for touch and backlight control, deactivation of front USB port, or program special function keys.

The MCU and NSetup also monitor important system functions thus increasing the operational stability of the noax hardware. NSetup can be used to set various functions of the industrial PCs that are controlled by the MCU. The microcontroller is able to determine if an active parameter is outside of its specified limits which will be indicated by flashing LEDs on the front of the control panel.

In addition, NSetup can create a comprehensive report containing information on the current functional state of the computer. System administrators will be able to quickly recognize where adjustments need to be made to fully optimize the noax IPC. Customers can send a report file to the noax hotline where it will be analyzed and modified to meet the customer’s needed settings. The customer can then transfer the new report file to their IPC, and they will immediately have a customized configuration.

If a company operates several noax industrial PCs with the identical configuration, only one IPC has to be configured. The setup file can be used to transfer this configuration easily to the other devices. This feature will save administrators valuable time and allow for additional tasks to be completed.

With the microcontroller and the NSetup software, noax customers have at their disposal a comprehensive tool that will improve the reliability of their hardware, accelerate their operational processes, and with which they will be able to customize the industrial PCs according to their specific needs.

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