The bird flu virus that was found on an egg-laying farm in Iowa has been identified in other farms in the state, according to Iowa agriculture officials. About 9.8 million birds will be or have been euthanized, costing Iowa about one-sixth of its 60 million hens, reports the Associated Press.

Initial tests indicated the presence of the H5N2 virus on the large farm in Sioux County. The other probable cases, affecting more than 2 million chickens combined, are at two farms in O'Brien County, one in Osceola County and another in Sioux County. The virus has also been found in two turkey farms, affecting 80,000 birds. Nationwide, the H5N2 virus has affected about 13 million birds since early March.

The virus typically dies in the warmth of spring and summer, and the Midwest is approaching the season where temperatures in the 70s and more ultraviolet rays should halt the virus.

Source: AP via Minneapolis Star-Tribune