Wire Belt Company of America recently expanded their solar array by 50 kW (kilowatts), totaling the array to 150 kW. The addition was installed in June and can be expected to go live in mid-to-late August. The new array was placed on the new addition of the building that opened in November of 2013.

“We are always trying to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and become energy independent,” said David Greer, CEO of Wire Belt. “The expansion of the system brings us closer to that goal.”

Some impressive statistics from the original array include that it has produced 370,180 kWh (kilowatt-hours) since its installation in September 2011, enough energy to supply almost 33 years of electrical usage in the average American household. It also has offset 496,411 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and produced approximately 25% of Wire Belt’s energy needs.

The new array is expected to produce an additional 48,172 kWh of clean energy annually, and is estimated to offset 44,222 pounds of carbon pollution each year.