Total performance lubricant manufacturer, Bel-Ray, offers No-Tox® Food Grade Air Line Lubricant for use in “clean industry” applications, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care product manufacturing where incidental food contact may occur.

Formulated with the highest quality USP white mineral oils and food grade additives, Bel-Ray’s versatile NSF H1 registered No-Tox Food Grade Air Line Lubricant, commonly known as No-Tox AL Lubricant, is designed to maximize air tool life and optimize pneumatic system performance by reducing wear, corrosion and deposits. In addition to meeting NSF H1 and FDA requirements, the product is both Kosher and Pareve approved, as well as Halal certified.

The No-Tox lubricant contains an emulsifier to remove water from the air distribution system, which helps eliminate water from the pneumatic system leading to longer component life. Its high film strength also offers additional anti-wear protection while eliminating deposit formation and tool sticking, which helps to reduce the cost of replacing parts and lost production time.

Ideal for lightly loaded bearings, pneumatic tools, air cylinders and air-line lubricators, No-Tox Food Grade Air Line Lubricant provides superior bacteriological protection by effectively inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria, yeast and mold in the lubricant.

For more information on Bel-Ray No-Tox Food Grade Air Line Lubricant or other Bel-Ray’s complete line of food grade lubricants, please visit or call (732) 938-2421.