Eriez Vice President of Sales and Marketing Charlie Ingram announces customers around the world made 2015 the most successful year ever for the company in terms of metal detector sales. “In addition to increased sales in North America, we experienced significant growth in the Pacific Rim, Latin American and South American countries,” says Ingram.

Eriez metal detection sales have been on the rise for the past several years, prompting the company to double its metal detector manufacturing capacity at the Erie, Pa. headquarters plant in 2014. This investment enabled Eriez to shorten lead times, meet growing demand and keep metal detector manufacturing in the United States.

Ray Spurgeon, Product Manager-Metal Detection, says Eriez’ experience and longevity have been vital components in helping the company to surpass competitors and achieve record-setting metal detector sales. “As a team, we have hundreds of years of combined practice in the design, R&D and manufacturing of detectors,” he says. “Over the past two decades while a number of competitors have merged or closed, we have gained tremendous market share in all areas of food processing, rubber/tires, plastics, nutraceuticals and more.”

According to Spurgeon, Eriez has remained deeply committed to continual product advancement over the 30 years the company has been in the metal detector business. The recently introduced Xtreme® Metal Detector is Eriez’ seventh generation system.

The Xtreme Metal Detector has earned rave reviews from customers for its user-friendly interface which is designed after today’s smart phones. “Users have the main functionality mastered in five to 10 minutes,” explains Spurgeon. Advanced Xtreme Metal Detectors also boast greater sensitivity and offer SMART (system monitoring and reporting) capability and 24/7 support.

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