Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market, announced today the availability of High Performance Alkaline FP, a highly concentrated, all temperature detergent used for brewery cleaning, fryer boil-out and CIP/COP applications.

Sanitation is the first step in a great brew process and a step that must be repeated as necessary throughout the process to protect your brand. A managed sanitation program including the right cleaners, sanitizers, and staff training tools is paramount to ensure a quality glass of beer every time.

High Performance Alkaline FP is a highly concentrated alkaline detergent used for brewery cleaning (ex. brew kettles, fermenters, conditioning tanks, and filters). Effective at removing tough soils, High Performance Alkaline FP removes, carbohydrates, sugars and other stubborn soils found in breweries and other food processing applications.

“At a lean dilution, High Performance Alkaline FP, targets carbohydrates, proteins and fats aggressively and offers incredible rinsability -- making it a great product for breweries or any clean-in-place application including fryer boil outs,” said Chris Celusta, Manager, Food Processing Sanitation Program, Spartan Chemical. “The non-foaming formula provides film-free rinsing and no residual for CIP/COP applications. This means labor and time savings, as well as clog free equipment and filters.”

High Performance Alkaline FP is available through Spartan’s select distributor network. For more information or to find a distributor near you, visit