Dow Food Solutions, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, is helping to meet growing market demand by introducing a new product line called WELLENCE Fat Reduction (FR) from a new, state-of–the-art production line. The growth is driven by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s anticipated expansion of required calorie labeling for restaurants and retail food establishments, coupled with a general increase in health consciousness among consumers, driving an even greater need for manufacturers to reduce fat claims on their products.

The Midland-based site allows for greater production capacity of the now commercially-available WELLENCE FR, a patented technology to decrease the amount of fat and oil uptake in fried foods. With the food industry looking to meet the demands of more health-conscious consumers, the plant-based functional food ingredient facilitates fat reduction without a corresponding loss in the food’s sensory profile.

“Investing in this enhanced production facility underscores our long-term commitment in bringing innovations like WELLENCE to the food market,” said Marc Van Gerwen, business director for Dow Pharma & Food Solutions. “Consumers are looking for healthier food options and we can help our customers meet this demand with a tailored option that’s easy to implement. The new technology can be incorporated into production and yield great results from bench top - to pilot plant - to full scale production runs.”

When added to a batter or coating system, WELLENCE™ FR can decrease fat (and associated calories) by 35 percent or more through reducing the oil uptake during frying. The process has minimal impact on the sensory profile of foods so that the full-fat flavor and crisp texture is maintained.

“WELLENCE FR can help food manufacturers position their products as more health- conscious and still give the consumer the flavor and texture that they associate with their favorite fried foods,” Chris Spontelli, Marketing Manager for Dow Food Solutions. The technology will be featured at this year’s national IFT show in Chicago, IL.

Dow Food Solutions provides food manufacturers with easy-to-use and cost-effective systems that can offer desired characteristics to their products without sacrificing flavor. Dow provides global and regional brand owners in food markets with innovative formulations and ingredients designed to add value such as fat replacement, preservation or enhanced texture, while meeting market demand for products that are healthy, convenient and enjoyable. For more information about WELLENCE FR and other food technologies, visit