Perdue Farms has issued a statement about its decision to eliminate the use of plastic nasal implants in breeder males. The plastic, implanted into the nostrils of male chickens, are designed to prevent them from eating the feed of nearby hens. Tyson Foods also announced earlier this year that it was eliminating the practice, reports the Associated Press.

Perdue’s statement reads: “As part of the continuous improvement of our Animal Care program, we are in the process of eliminating the practice of inserting nasal implants (known as “Noz Bonz”) into the nostrils of male chickens in our breeder flocks.

These implants provide the males access to feed specially formulated for roosters, while physically preventing access to the feed optimized for breeder hens (which produce the eggs that go to our hatcheries). The plastic pegs prevent the rooster from reaching through hen feeders, while allowing them to freely access their feeders and water.

We have discontinued ordering the implants and will completely stop the practice by January 1, 2017. This will give us time to finish converting the feeders used by the females and to make the changes necessary so that males and females continue to receive the appropriate feed.

We are also working on the first update to our groundbreaking Perdue Commitments to Animal Care, announced this past June. That update, which will be released by early 2017, will include a wide range of breeder flock initiatives as well as continued advancements in broiler flock care.”

Source: AP, Perdue Farms