Bar-B-Q sauce is the second-most common sauce on all restaurant menus. To help chefs and operators add flavor with regional authenticity, McCormick For Chefs®, the Food Away From Home division of McCormick & Company, is bringing a consumer favorite to foodservice. Stubb’s Bar-B-Q sauce originated shortly after C.B. Stubblefield opened his Legendary Bar-B-Q Restaurant in Lubbock, Texas. He bottled the sauce to share his love of bold flavor from the heart of Texas with people everywhere. Today, Stubb’s is one of the fastest-growing premium Bar-B-Q sauces in retail. It’s an authentic Texas product that brings bold flavor to a variety of menu items, and its unique clean label carries a health halo many consumers are seeking.

Stubb’s legendary Bar-B-Q sauce features and benefits include:

  • AUTHENTIC FLAVOR – Layered flavor combinations provide great-tasting, on-trend Bar-B-Q taste.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Premium ingredients include California tomatoes, real honey and real cane sugar.
  • CLEAN LABEL – It’s gluten free with no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, no caramel color and no preservatives.
  • VERSATILE – It’s an ingredient that can be used across the menu to enhance all types of recipes.
  • CONVENIENT – It’s efficient for back-of-house use and provides consistent flavor patrons know and love.

McCormick For Chefs Executive Chef Gary Patterson said, “Stubb’s sauces are a cleaner-label, premium solution for chefs seeking endless menu possibilities. They’re more than condiments. It’s the perfect ingredient to conveniently add authentic, bold Texas flavor to a variety of recipes, from salads to protein dishes.”

Jessica Schatz, Brand Marketing Manager, Food Service, McCormick For Chefs, added, “Consumers are increasingly looking for retail brand names on restaurant tables and menus. Familiar brands help to enhance the dining experience and drive repeat traffic, and consumers are willing to pay a higher price when they recognize a brand they trust. Being one of the fastest-growing premium Bar-B-Q sauces in retail, Stubb’s is a product that consumers will be excited to see on the menu.”

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