Diners are craving the delicious, energetic sensation of chilies. According to Technomic, more than half of consumers indicate a preference for spicy flavors. To address this growing trend, McCormick For Chefs, the Food Away From Home division of McCormick & Company, is now offering three new chile spices and seasoning blends: Sriracha Seasoning, Crushed Chipotle Pepper, and Ground Jalapeño Pepper.

The new McCormick Culinary spices make it easier than ever to add sizzling flavor to any menu. These chile spices and seasoning blends bring the desired punch of heat in a shelf-stable, dry application:

  • Sriracha Seasoning: 6 pack/22 oz. size. One of the most popular signature flavors in the country now comes to a dry spice, delivering the garlicky vinegar notes and hot finish fans crave.
  • Crushed Chipotle Pepper: 6 pack/16 oz. size. The earthy spiciness and distinctive smoky flavor tempts the taste buds as strong visual appeal draws the eye.
  • Ground Jalapeño Pepper: 6 pack/17 oz. size. This popular pepper is renowned for its signature sour-spicy flavor and the level of heat it brings to the table.

“With more diners looking for spicy foods, the hot, bold flavor of chilies is a kitchen necessity,” said Jessica Schatz, Brand Marketing Manager, Food Service, McCormick For Chefs. “These versatile spices and blends cater to the distinct needs of chefs, making it faster and simpler to incorporate new taste experiences throughout any menu.”

McCormick For Chefs’ Executive Chef Gary Patterson added, “From a topical seasoning to a marinade addition or a recipe ingredient, these versatile chile spices and seasoning blends provide a bold flavor addition. They're great for grilling, roasting, smoking, sautéing or frying, bringing delicious heat to innovative menu ideas while inspiring modern twists on classic favorites.”

For additional information about McCormick Culinary spices, seasoning blends and menu ideas, visit www.McCormickForChefs.com/Mccormick-Culinary-Chilies.