Gemini Grinding Systems from Hollymatic combine two proven and reliable mixer/grinders to create a continuous process. The Gemini System is the ideal solution for continuous first and second grinding of a product at high volume production.

Featured here are Hollymatic’s 190 Auto Feed Grinder connected to their 180A Mixer Grinder. The 190 is designed for first grind coarse ground production. It features high strength torque augers that can grind tempered meat and large fresh meat pieces with ease and speed. It is connected to the all stainless steel 180A Mixer Grinder that features a unique figure 8 mixing paddle that blends fat to lean fast and easily. The 180A provides high production and superior mixing in an easy-to-clean design that reduces the risk of cross-species contamination. Hollymatic Gemini Systems are available in a wide range of hopper capacities and grinding head sizes.

For more information on Hollymatic’s Gemini Grinding System, contact at:

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