A leading manufacturer of high performance industrial gearing technologies, Winsmith showcased an upgraded Stainless Conveyor Drive that features FDA-compliant blue plugs and a new Keyless Shaft Locking Device.

Launched in 2015, Winsmith’s new Stainless Conveyor Drive is IP69K certified to withstand high pressure, high temperature wash down and contamination.  It is the ideal speed reducer for food processing, and demanding industry applications including fruit, vegetable, and meat processing. The Stainless Conveyor Drive is available in five case sizes and more than 15,000 configurations. It features a single-piece design and sealed housing, facilitating easy cleaning, continuous operation and safe wash down.  All lubricant and drain plugs are easily accessible for maintenance checks and have been fitted with new FDA compliant blue plugs that are both magnetic and x-ray detectable. These plugs ensure a smooth, bolt-free housing and have been pressure wash tested to 1450 psi.

The Winsmith KLD shaft locking device is an upgrade that benefits food and beverage processors who want to simplify equipment maintenance. The keyless locking system can be installed in minutes and reduces disassembly times by mitigating fretting corrosion, as well as downtime for field servicing. The Winsmith KLD provides an uncompromised performance enhancement to the Stainless Conveyor Drive product line.

“­­­­We strive to continuously introduce new technologies that improve efficiencies for our customers and we are looking forward to presenting two such product enhancements at the International Production & Processing Expo this year,” said Stephen Dunlap, Marketing Manager at Winsmith Gearing.  “­­­Both  The Winsmith KLD and the FDA compliant blue plugs for our Stainless Conveyor Drive have been developed to benefit food and beverage processors, and what better venue to showcase them for the first time than the IPPE.”

To learn more about the products that will be on display, as well as the complete line of Winsmith products, visit: www.winsmith.com