Reuters reports that Brazilian beef exports should return to normal between April and May, after a scandal involving rotten meat rocked the country. Allegations that beef importers had bribed inspectors to allow the shipment of rotten or tainted meat led to numerous countries closing their borders to Brazilian beef.

Dubbed “Operation Weak Flesh,” the police investigation into the bribery allegations led to several plants being closed. Brazil’s beef exports dropped 8 percent in tonnage and 3 percent in revenue in March. Since the scandal broke, the Brazilian government has worked to restore trust in its beef, and several countries that closed their borders have since reopened them.

"As Brazil's main clients resume purchases from Brazil, shipments will return to levels close to normality between April and May," said a statement from industry group Abrafrigo.

Police have accused more than 100 people, mostly inspectors, of taking bribes in exchange for allowing the sale of rancid products, falsifying export documents or failing to inspect meatpacking plants.

Source: Reuters