After a brief cross-examination on Wednesday, the attorney for ABC News spent much of Thursday, June 8, questioning BPI witness Dr. Mindy Brashears about the food safety. Included in the cross-examination were questions about notifications the USDA sent BPI in 2010 regarding detection of E. coli and Salmonella in their plants.

The Sioux City Journal reports that ABC attorney Dane Butswinkas brought up E. coli and Salmonella detected at the BPI plant in 2009-2010. Brashears pointed out the amount of bacteria was small, consistent with findings at other plants, and the company quickly dealt with the issue properly.

Butswinkas asked Brashears whether food safety notices the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued to BPI in that time period were problematic. Brashears responded that such notices are routinely sent to companies, warning about practices that need to be changed. The notices warn that unless corrective action is taken, the USDA would withhold its mark of inspection — which has never been done to a BPI facility.

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Source: Sioux City Journal