In many ways, it’s never been riskier to be in the food business. An increasingly savvy and skeptical public is more aware of foodborne threats, and food activists of all kinds are gaining more attention. All while food companies must adapt and comply with new, unfamiliar and far-reaching regulations under the U.S. FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

To help clients manage the increasing challenges in food safety, leading global communications firm Ketchum is partnering with award-winning global food safety expert Morton Food Safety Associates to launch FoodSafe RepProtect. The new offering is designed to help supply chain, food safety and communications experts fully align to ensure consistency between what a company does and says in managing food risks.

FoodSafe RepProtect was piloted with Daisy Brand in early 2017. Dr. Brandon Nelson, Director – Innovation and Technical Services, said of the pilot:  “The sum is truly greater than the parts of the FoodSafe RepProtect program, which helped strengthen our food-safety recall plans to be more compliant with FSMA best-practices. Today, our whole organization is better prepared to align the operations and reputation elements of a food safety crisis. Of course we hope never to put these elements into real-life practice, but we are more confident in our readiness thanks to this program.”

FoodSafe RepProtect is the latest addition to Ketchum’s suite of issues & crisis services and tools, including Mobile RepProtect, Cyber RepProtect, University RepProtect and Ketchum Game Plan.

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