Food Safety Exchange (FSX), a global food safety information and events platform for all involved in the food manufacturing industry, is broadening its strategic content base with a call for wide-ranging educational material and engagement from expert forward thinkers. FSX is a collaborative resource, created and shared by industry experts, which has arranged educational events (very much confined to virtual events since the COVID-19 pandemic began) and has brought together a pool of knowledge on a range of topics relevant to the food safety industry. These include guides, educational videos, podcasts and webinars dealing with areas such as food safety measures, regulations and standards, transparency, and the many issues that span research & development, production, packaging and logistics.

The FSX information platform includes an extensive library of resources that were downloaded some 4,000 times during 2020. Content is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Simplified Chinese. FSX is also active on social media channels, with LinkedIn and Twitter feeds highlighting the latest expert content that is available. In particular, FSX is looking to expand its range of live events and on-demand formats such as webinars and podcasts.

“FSX provides food manufacturers with a repository of free market intelligence, collated from expert contributors around the world, including content provided through our strategic partnerships with companies such as BRCGS, TÜV Nord and Transparency-One,” said Bjoern Matz, Marketing Manager, Food Safety Exchange. “This helps them to further their knowledge about meeting compliance demands, maximizing uptime and ensuring product quality.”

“The level of interest we received in our content last year proved there was great demand out there for high-quality, independent events and information that isn’t driven by marketing or promotional objectives. We want to continue enabling the exchange of ideas and insights that are relevant to the whole sector, and that’s why we are reaching out to everyone in the industry to not only make use of these resources, but also for forward thinkers to engage with us and add greater breadth to this exchange of valuable content.”

“Food Safety Exchange or FSX is very important to us as a marketing channel as it helps us expand the reach of our marketing campaigns such as articles or announcements. The FSX team makes it easy for us to share our content and insights with the food industry,” explained KellyAnn Tsai, Director of Marketing, Transparency-One.

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