Heatec, Inc. introduced a new line of electric circulation heaters. They provide heat for a wide variety of manufacturing and processing operations. The heaters are used to heat liquids or gases for industrial applications such as chemicals, oil, water, air, nitrogen, steam, etc.

The heaters feature a removable bundle of resistive elements located in the heating chamber allowing for easy maintenance and service if needed. The heated fluid comes into direct contact with the hot surfaces of the resistive elements. The elements are powered by electrical current, which can be varied to control the heat output. Electrical current is controlled by a fan-cooled Silicone-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) in the heater’s control panel.

The heaters can be configured to operate on electrical power supplies throughout the world. They are available in a wide range of thermal outputs, from 50 kilowatts to about 3 megawatts. Higher capacities can be achieved if requested by the customer.

A packaged heater system comes preassembled on a skid with all the necessary components for operation. They are ready for connection and use when they leave Heatec’s factory with minimum setup required in the field.

For additional information on these new heaters call Heatec at 1-800-235-5200. A free brochure entitled EHI Heaters is available upon request or it can be downloaded from Heatec’s website at www.heatec.com.

Heatec is a member of the Astec Industries Inc. family of companies.