Handtmann Meatball FormerProcessors are discovering Handtmann high-speed servo-controlled meatball forming solutions with 1% accuracy are a perfect fit in the rapidly growing $1.5B+ U.S. meatball market.

While Handtmann VF 600 Series fillers can precisely portion a very wide range of weights, the Handtmann meatball solution operates optimally in specifications up to 100g and 56mm. And, it is incredibly efficient within these parameters in 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8-lane configurations at up to 150 ppm per lane.

Four different VF 600 models feeding a rugged single or multi-lane former offer processors the options they need to meet their most demanding operational requirements within a plant while assuring the exact dimensional and weight precision that customers need to optimize their profitability.

“Meatballs are a growing category. Customers tell us our solutions are now their preferred choice because of speed, precision and production efficiency that’s so dependable,” says Patrick McGady, Handtmann Sales Manager, “… and they tell us their Handtmann meat forming lines are not only giving them greater control over shape, but are also performing even better than we promised.”

Designed with fewer wear parts and offering the ability to fine tune production parameters, Handtmann meatball solutions are easier to assemble and faster to clean-up. “This is a real winner because Handtmann’s legendary engineering, heavy duty components and servo controls deliver value at every stage of operations … and our meatball former’s rigorous performance record is letting processors optimize their profits from day one,” says McGady.

Burger forming and integrated cutting options are also available with the Handtmann meatball forming solution that are ideal for the production of hand-made style hamburger patties and suitable for the production of a variety of other shapes, including balls, sticks and both circular and rectangular patties.

When speed and control are as important to your meatball productivity as dependability, simplified operational flexibility and managed lifecycle costs, there is proving to be no better solution than Handtmann’s Meatball Forming Device.