MultiFresh is one of the core themes of this year's IFFA presence by MULTIVAC. This packaging concept for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs will be shown on a thermoforming packaging machine and several traysealers. Paper fiber-based packaging materials, which meet the current demands for recyclability, will also be used on the machines in Frankfurt.

MULTIVAC has many years of experience in vacuum skin technology. MultiFresh packaging machines meet all the market requirements in terms of pack size, output and level of automation, and they are designed for packing a wide range of meat and sausage products with different product protrusion heights. The special MultiFresh films combine functional benefits with outstanding visual properties. They protect the product reliably without deforming it - and a high level of transparency as well as brilliant gloss are just some of their features. Thanks to the unique interaction of machine and packaging material, vacuum skin packs of ground-breaking quality and perfection are produced.

MultiFresh technology for thermoforming packaging as well as tray packing
In Frankfurt MULTIVAC will be exhibiting MultiFresh technology on its R 105 MF thermoforming packaging machine as well as on the T 300 H and T 800 traysealers.

The R 105 MF thermoforming packaging machine is a compact and economic model for producing vacuum skin packs in small and medium-sized batches. This machine, which is easy and reliable to operate, enables smaller manufacturers to make the entry into vacuum skin packaging. It also offers a high level of flexibility in terms of pack shapes - the range extends from right-angled packs and basic formats right up to formed cavities, which can be shaped to the required design. As with the higher-output models, the R 105 MF is equipped with integrated upper web chain guidance, which ensures that the upper web is guided precisely during the packaging procedure. Thanks to its compact and modular construction, as well as its wide range of equipment options, the machine can be designed individually to the customer's particular requirements.

At IFFA the R 105 MF will be shown with an innovative packaging concept for producing recyclable MultiFresh skin packs made of paper fiber-based material, which is marketed under the brand name of PaperBoard. Packaging materials with different grammage weights and functional layers can be used. The packs can be designed in such a way, that the end user is able to separate the cardboard backing from the plastic barrier layer and then put it into the paper recycling.

The fully automatic T 300 H traysealer is also a space-saving entry-level model. The machine can be designed as multi-track and combined with various discharge systems. Thanks to the simple die change, it can quickly be converted for different pack sizes and shapes. All conventional trays from a wide range of materials can be used, as can pre-cut card sheets or board trays. The traysealer at the trade fair will be shown using mono APET trays for packing meat products, and it is equipped with a labelling system for applying promotional labels.

At IFFA the T 800 high-output traysealer, which can be scaled to all requirements, will be combined with the highly flexible GMS 520 single-cut meat portioning machine to form a line for packing sliced fresh meat. It can run a wide range of trays with a product protrusion of up to 100 mm. The   T 800 is equipped with an inside cut system, so that the vacuum skin packs produced are particularly attractive. This also makes it possible to have a euroslot in the pack, so that it can be presented at the point of sale as a hanging pack. At the trade fair the traysealer will produce packs using PaperBoard pre-cut card sheets.

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