Most of the time, finding insect parts in a burger patty would lead to a recall. For a new line of burgers coming to a Swiss supermarket chain, finding insect parts is pretty much the point. Coop is testing a line of burger patties and meatballs made out of beetle larvae.

The mealworm patties also contain rice, carrots and spices like oregano and chili, reports Bloomberg. The burger patties will cost 8.95 francs ($9.24) for a pack of two, and the meatballs will retail for the same price for a pack of 10.

“These products are perfectly suited for those who want to learn about the culinary diversity of insects,” Coop procurement manager Silvio Baselgia said in a statement. Coop suggests eating the insect balls in pita bread with fresh vegetables and smothered in yogurt sauce.

Mealworms, which are beetle larvae, have a mild flavor that becomes slightly nutty when roasted, according to insect-eating blog

Source: Bloomberg News