The latest version of the app “iGASES“ by the gas application specialist WITT is now also available in Spanish and French. The free Android and iOS application includes several functions which make it easier to work with technical gases and support the user in his or her daily work. Along with the two new languages, “iGASES“ can be used in English and German.

A real multi-tool, the Witt app offers several modules to the user: the core part is a gas reference book, containing the most important physical-chemical properties such as density, vapor pressure, flammability limits or thermal conductivity as well as safety information for numerous gases.

The integrated flowrate calculator allows users to easily determine the right gas safety equipment for the design of technical gas systems with the help of the Cv value – irrespective of the manufacturer the equipment originates from.

The inert gas advisor provides users with a recommendation for the appropriate gas composition: no matter whether for inert gas for various welding methods and metals or a modified atmosphere for food packaging.

Required values such as pressure, volume, flowrate, temperature, mass and other parameters can be converted to all important international units of measurement with the extra unit converter.

The data sheets for the prescribed equipment can also be called up directly from the Witt website.

"iGASES" for smartphones and tablets is available as a free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Android Market. More about Witt at