In the global marketplace, demand for premium-quality beef continues to grow, and U.S. fabricators and packers take the lead in satisfying those needs. Fabricators and packers were recognized by the Certified Angus Beef brand for their leadership in product quality, marketing and sales at the group’s annual conference in Nashville on Sept. 27-29. Brand partners, including meat processors, distributors, chefs, retailers and cattle ranchers, gained strategies to nurture their focus on delivering premium beef to consumers.

“Quality and integrity unite their focus on delivering the finest beef,” says John Stika, the beef brand’s president. “They are stars in their markets for bringing the Certified Angus Beef brand’s ranching heritage and focus on quality and integrity to their customers, and ultimately, consumers.”

National Beef Packing, Kansas City, Mo., received the Fabricator Proficiency Award. National Beef sold more pounds of beef from each certified carcass than any other fabricator. Clods and briskets were among their top growth items, proving there is value in Certified Angus Beef brand products beyond middle meats and grinds. National Beef was also named the International Packer Marketer of the Year for identifying and delivering items to fit customers’ needs with consistency and superior yields.

National Beef Dodge City, Kansas, earned the Top Sales Volume Fabricator title and received a Two Million Head award for number of cattle meeting the brand’s high standards since the plant first began offering it in the 1980s.

Tyson Fresh Meats, Dakota Dunes, S.D., received Packer Marketer of the Year. Through 25 years with the brand, Tyson brings incredible depth to customers, including the brand’s Prime and Natural product lines and the most extensive offering of Certified Angus Beef brand ground beef. Tyson participated in training at the brand’s Culinary Center and hosted multiple tours for customers.

Three Tyson locations were recognized for number of carcasses meeting the brand’s high standards since the plants first began offering it. Tyson Dakota City, N.E., received a Four Million Head award; Tyson Joslin in Hillsdale, Ill, received a Three Million Head award; and Tyson Finney County, Holcomb, Kan., received a Two Million Head award.

Cargill Meat Solutions, Wichita, Kan., earned the Top Sales Volume International Packer award. Cargill gained market share in the brand’s top international destination, Canada, as well as Mexico and Japan. The company values developing relationships with customers centered on the brand.

Two Cargill locations were recognized for number of carcasses meeting the brand’s high standards since the plants first began offering it. Cargill Ft. Morgan, Colo., received a Three Million Head award, and Cargill High River, Alberta, Canada, received a One Million Head award.

Greater Omaha Packing, Omaha, Neb., earned a Two Million Head award for number of carcasses meeting the brand’s standards since the fabricator first began offering it. The company is a long-time leader in carcass utilization by supplying customers’ individual needs worldwide.

Lower Foods, Richmond, Utah, received the Value-added Products Marketer of the Year. An allergen-free facility, Lower Foods developed a consistent packaging model for its entire Certified Angus Beef brand product line, including all-natural deli meats, natural-hardwood-smoked meats and precooked items.

Quirch Foods Co., Miami, was named the Top Sales Volume Exporter. Quirch Foods built profitable business models and featured the brand at buyer shows. A strong leadership team, proficient staff, market knowledge and in-market support added depth to their approach.

Wolverine Packing Co., Detroit, achieved Top Sales Volume Ground Beef Processor honors. Wolverine continued to fine-tune its expertise in delivering exceptional products and service. The team worked one-on-one with customers on custom ground beef items to satisfy its customers’ needs.

Buckhead Meat of Dallas, The Colony, Texas, earned Top Sales Volume Processor. The team focused on growing sales with chains and licensed distributors. The company also assisted with presentations to multi-unit and contract sales accounts.

Golden West Food Group, Vernon, Calif., achieved the Processor Top Sales Volume Increase award. Golden West Foods’ new products offer a variety of meal solutions to chefs and consumers: marinated meats, bacon-wrapped petite tender, seasoned burgers and award-winning diced taco meat.

Source: Certified Angus Beef