Keystone Meats, a fourth-generation family brand offering premium quality canned protein and meal solutions, is now available at Giant Eagle stores for consumers looking for recipe-ready quality products. Beginning February, shoppers throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania can visit their local Giant Eagle to experience these products that have been designed specifically for today’s busier-than-ever families. Launching into almost all Giant Eagle stores is Keystone Meats all natural canned Beef, Chicken and Pork.

Keystone Meats has been producing recipe-ready lean meats with all-natural ingredients for over 50 years. All of our meats are hand-packed and made with no added water, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Keystone offers the convenience of simply heating and serving premium products to provide a quick and easy meal for families.

Both Giant Eagle and Keystone Meats are family owned and operated companies, with Giant Eagle being one of the largest private, family-owned and operated companies in the country. By adding Keystone Meats to Giant Eagle’s list of inventory, they can continue to provide customers with quality products. This launch invites consumers to explore Keystone Meats’ canned meats and continues to reflect the brands continued ties to tradition and quality.   

Source: Keystone Meats