Keystone Meats, a fourth-generation family brand offering premium quality canned protein and meal solutions, is expanding its Lima, OH based plant. The addition will increase the brand’s current facility at 3585 Harding Highway by 40%. The expansion will allow the company to continue growing and innovating, as well as its commitment to evolving with its consumers’ needs, while remaining true to Keystone’s authentic quality, all-natural meat standard. All of Keystone Meats canned proteins are produced with only two ingredients – featuring premium meat and sea salt. This local expansion will also open up plant production jobs in the Lima, OH area.

Established in 1964, Keystone Meats proudly uses the highest quality natural meats, sourced from local farms. All their meats are hand selected, cut and packaged in Lima, Ohio. The extensive growth for the Keystone Meats brand solidifies the company as a leading recipe-ready protein products brand available to consumers nationwide. This new facility allows for the brand to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in the grocery market. The expansion will allow the brand to hire new employees to operate and maintain the new equipment, including positions in operation and maintenance, food processing equipment, HVAC and packaging.

“Our growth and our ability to expand in this way is thanks to the local community and the city of Lima and Allen County who has supported us for over 60 years,” said President and CEO, Pete Dorley. “This area serves as our best customer base, workforce, contractors and we appreciate that.”

Considering Keystone Meats’ mission to produce the best recipe-ready protein products in the center aisle, this plant expansion ensures that the brand, which prides itself on quality, minimally processed meat products, will be able to continue providing consumers with quality products. Keystone produces all white meat chicken and premium USDA Certified beef. Keystone Meats invites the consumer to explore their products, ranging from canned meats to soup bases and broths, with a fresh perspective, and continues to reflect the brands continued ties to tradition and quality products.

Source: Keystone Meats