Columbia’s new patented Variable Position Turner (VPT) technology maximizes speed & flexibility for inline high speed palletizing.  With Columbia’s VPT technology, servos are used to dynamically position the center turners laterally on an in-line palletizer while the layer is being formed.  VPT locations are accessed and programmed simply via the HMI. Therefore, new pattern creation and optimizing is extremely user friendly. Fewer turners are required (maximum of only four) and when used in conjunction with Columbia’s adjustable lane position technology, pattern forming capability is virtually limitless. 

VPT is ideally suited for ultra-high speed applications handling fridge packs, cartons, trays, film only packages and many more.

Columbia manufactures inline high speed, high-level, floor-level and robotic hybrid palletizers, load transfer stations and systems integration. Columbia features flexible, upgradeable designs to speeds over 150 packages per minute. With over 4,000 palletizers in the industry, Columbia is considered to be the leading palletizer manufacturer in North America. All Columbia palletizers are built in the USA and backed by 24-hour customer support and parts service.