Praxair, Inc. will exhibit cryogenic gases technologies that can improve yield, reduce costs, and increase productivity in the poultry and red meat processing industries at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta. Visitors will be able to discuss a variety of freezing and chilling applications that are included in a guided tour of the exhibit in booth #4631. The IPPE exhibits will be open from January 30 through February 1, 2018

Freezing and chilling systems - including the latest advances in carbon dioxide snowing - will be on display for customers to discuss important temperature control issues with knowledgeable staff members. Equipment featured in the exhibit includes:

  • ColdFront Ultra Performance Spiral Freezer – Recent improvement to the internal airflow of the ultra performance spiral freezer is the newest feature that, in combination with the existing features, allows customers to boost productivity and preserve valuable floor space.
  • ColdFront Ultra Performance Flighted Freezer – Praxair will demonstrate how IQF (individually quick frozen) products travel through the flighted belts of the freezer to achieve free flowing, frozen food pieces. The ultra performance flighted freezer may be operated to produce IQF product with either cryogenic liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide.
  • ColdFront Even Chill Bulk Bin Snowing – The even chill system provides quick, precise, and controlled delivery of carbon dioxide snow to ensure even temperature as product is deposited into bulk bin or tote containers – greatly reducing both hot spots and overcooling. This automation assisted system utilizes carbon dioxide snow horns in combination with PLC controls to deliver the cooling needed.
  • Carbon Dioxide Snow Production – The versatility of inline, batch and automatic snow cooling will be the focus of the multi-feature display in the Praxair booth. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the method or system to help precisely control temperature throughout production.

For further information on the technologies and equipment featured at IPPE, please visit or stop by Praxair booth 4631 during the show.