Praxair Inc., a Linde company, will showcase the CRYOLINE CF Cabinet Freezer at IPPE in Atlanta in booth B4521. It’s the perfect size for pilot plants, start-ups or smaller processing operations. The cabinet freezer provides a compact option for rapid batch freezing and chilling. Processors can efficiently and effectively freeze or chill poultry or meat products, prepared foods, seafood, larger sized items or products that require a long retention time.

This industrial-sized freezing cabinet is available as a single or twin model for extra capacity. It is designed to hold either single or double racks for convenient batch chilling, utilizing either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The cabinet freezer is built with stainless steel components, fully welded inside and fitted with a minimal number of internal parts that need removal during cleaning for optimal sanitation and quick turnaround between product cycles. The control panel is water resistant and capable of storing up to 10 recipes for different product cycle times and temperature requirements.

During the show in Atlanta, January 28 - 30, Praxair will discuss how customers may lower operating costs while maintaining the highest standards for product quality. A rapid chill or freeze that uses liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide helps poultry processors improve yields and maintain product weight, locks in fresh taste, and helps mitigate food safety concerns.

“The cabinet freezer offers poultry and red meat processors yet another method to preserve the quality of their protein products while maintaining manufacturing efficiencies,” said Chris Johnson, Praxair business development director. “Frozen foods are experiencing a growth phase due to consumer preference for convenience. Proper freezing and chilling techniques help ensure final product quality meets stringent standards and suits consumer taste preferences.” 

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