Next month at Process Expo in Chicago, Praxair, Inc., will exhibit in booth #2067 displaying industrial and cryogenic gases technologies that may help customers improve yield, reduce costs, and increase productivity in the food and beverage processing industries. Visitors to the FPSA’s Process Expo show floor will see demonstrations using both liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide (dry ice) to produce a variety of food products.

Praxair’s live, chef-created demonstrations simulate these key systems for the processor:

  • ColdFront Ultra Performance Immersion Freezer – This demonstration highlights the power of liquid nitrogen used for immersion freezing. Using liquid nitrogen is the fastest way to quickly freeze food. Visitors to the Praxair booth will observe the preparation of a savory chicken meatball.
  • ColdFront Ultra Performance Flighted Freezer – The chef will show how IQF (individually quick frozen) product is frozen using liquid nitrogen. This process creates uniform food pieces that are incorporated into the recipe, Praxair’s guest chef will create a diced salmon appetizer. Carbon dioxide dry ice will be used to create a unique tomato garnish.
  • CryoBlend Cryogen Injection Cooling for Meat Mixing – A recently added equipment offering, CryoBlend meat mixer cooling will be represented with the in-booth production of a garlic and peppered chicken sausage produced using liquid nitrogen during the mixing phase.
  • Other Gas Related Demonstrations – Also featured throughout the exhibit day will be the production of ice cream made using liquid nitrogen and a separate infused aroma station that demonstrates the solid to vapor phase sublimation of carbon dioxide.

Freezing and chilling systems – including the latest advances in carbon dioxide snowing – will be on display for customers to discuss important temperature control issues and needs. For further information on the technologies and equipment mentioned, please visit or visit with Praxair staff in booth 2067 at Process Expo.