Infrabaker represents the total range of electrical infrared ovens developed by Infrabaker International. The ovens are designed to cook, color, melt, disinfect, mature, … a wide range of food products such as bacon, chicken, burgers, salmon, dough, vegetables, cheese, …

Recently, new concepts have been added to the current modular cooking line, serving specific customer’s needs.

The Infrabaker 6.1.6. is a compact and mobile solution for the processing of smaller production numbers.  This stand alone version is easy to use and low maintenance.

The Infrabaker R&D is designed for the use in an R&D environment and offers innovative Food Developers new insights in the numerous possibilities of using electrical infrared for their (new) products.

Infrabaker International will be performing regular live demonstrations using the new designed R&D unit which will be on display during the Anuga Foodtec fair.

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