Halter, an Auckland-Waikato based ag-robotics company, secured $8M NZD in financing from Airbnb, Facebook, Planet, SpaceX, Spotify and Rocket Lab to commercialize its patented technologies. The funds will be used to commercialize the company’s artificial intelligence-powered “point and click” application in combination with proprietary “Cowgorithm.”

This patented technology allows farmers to shift and manage cattle.  Using the Halter app, farmers can:

  • Set schedules that allow herds to be guided to the milk shed remotely
  • Receive alerts when cows are showing signs of poor health or distress
  • Create virtual fences to keep cows out of rivers and drains

The app leverages data sourced from Halter’s recently developed solar powered, GPS-enabled neck band which uses sensory cues to direct cows. Complex cow movements, path planning, health and heat detection is all done with The AI behind Halter’s platform detects complex cow movements, cow health and temperature and allows for path planning.

“We’re looking to provide global technology for the future of dairy farming,” said Craig Piggott, Halter founder and CEO. “We’re inspired by incredible farmers who are looking for ways to efficiently monitor their herds—all while meeting increasing food demands and running an environmentally sustainable operation. It’s a constant juggle that involves working long hours.”

The product will initially be offered in the Waikato area, though the company plans to expand to the global market. The technology has undergone tens of thousands of hours of testing at the company’s Morrinsville research and development farm, and work is underway to begin operations on five pilot farms across the Waikato region.

“Halter is set to redefine an industry and truly modernize farming,” says Rocket Lab CEO and Halter Director, Peter Beck.

Founded in 2016, Halter’s mission is to reduce farmer’s work hours, enhance the well-being of cows and other livestock, protect the environment and increase milk production.

Source: Halter