Interflon USA has announced that Interflon Food Lube, a dry, food-grade lubricant spray, is now available in the North American market for use in the food, medicine, and beverage production industries. Interflon Food Lube enables these types of production facilities to save money on labor and maintenance costs, equipment replacement, and lubrication materials. It features MicPol technology, which allows deeper penetration of particles and greater adherence to surfaces due to magnetic polarization.

“Interflon Food Lube was formulated with our customers in mind, because we know how important the bottom line is to them,” said Otto Oosterwijk, president of Interflon USA. “Often, in the manufacturing industry, if you have to replace a loading chain unexpectedly, or if there is a shutdown due to faulty parts, it can destroy your profits in a very short time. Interflon Food Lube was made specifically to address this problem. By reducing wear with MicPol technology, which creates a protective layer of micronized, polarized particles, it can prolong the life of loading chains by as much as 50%. You can apply it easily to any piece of equipment in any process. It can be automatically applied, so you don’t have to shut down to lubricate.”

Interflon Food Lube displaces moisture upon application, and it fights against corrosion and soil accumulation. It can be applied directly to electrical contacts. It is highly resistant to wear and washout, even from high-pressure spray nozzles, including salt water. It can be used on:

  • chains and cables
  • sliding tracks and conveyors
  • air power tools
  • joints and pivots
  • cams and belts
  • table saws
  • lifts and pulleys
  • threaded parts and bolts
  • rollers, taps, and valves

... and any other moving parts in any food-stuff environment.

Rated H1 by NSF International, Interflon Food Lube can be applied via two methods: either with an aerosol spray can, or by means of an automatic dispenser. The aerosol can is ideal for commercial kitchens or home use. The automatic dispenser is well suited to larger operations with constantly-moving production lines. There are different formulations for:

  • gearboxes (G)
  • hydraulic parts (H)
  • low temperature (LT)
  • high temperature (HT)
  • extreme pressure rail (EPR)
  • pneumatic applications (PN)
  • high temperature grease (HTG)
  • open gears (OG)
  • heavy duty (HD)
  • low speed (LS)
  • high speed (HS)
  • multi-purpose (MP)
  • automatic lubrication (AL)

Customers can purchase Interflon Food Lube in two ways: either by contacting a Technical Advisor (TA) through the website, or by ordering directly through for those who are located in areas not yet served by a TA.

For more information, visit or order directly via the product page at Amazon.