Schober USA introduces a compact micro-perforator that is ideal for film, paper, foil, laminates, nonwovens and more. This newest addition to the popular VentPerf family of needling tools and systems features an un-wind and rewind all designed to minimize floor space requirements. This inexpensive and easy to operate cold pin unit is well suited for short run applications. It can be operated entirely from the front, with no walk-around space required – further minimizing its production footprint. The Schober Compact Micro-Perforator can provide ventilation, moisture release and enhanced product expansion of agricultural and consumer good packaging as well as technical materials. They are ideal for produce packaging, plastic “floating row covers”, and more.

Despite its small footprint, the Compact Micro-perforator has a useful width of 500mm, and a shaft diameter of 76 mm and operates at a max speed of 50 meters/minute (164 feet/min). The un-wind diameter is 500mm (a brake is included for tension control). Rewind diameter is 500mm (motor driven with speed control). Speed and meter count displays are optional.

Tools for virtually any pattern can be supplied.

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