Arnold Mikelberg passed away June 20th, 2018. He was 81. Mikelberg started his 50+ year career in the meat business at Hygrade’s plant in Indianapolis, Indiana. There he learned the processed meat business, and eventually he became an expert in his field.

Mikelberg graduated from Michigan State Agricultural School in 1958.In 1973 he became a Vice President of Thorn Apple Valley. In 1978 he became Senior Vice President for John Morrell and in 1995, he became President of Armour-Swift-Eckrich.

His first job was grading hogs on the Killing floor production line at Hygrade’s plant in Indianapolis, recalled his friend and colleague, Don Slotkin.

“He then got into the smoked meat department and eventually was superintendent of processed meats. In 1966, he worked for me in the Detroit division of Hygrade and left Hygrade after the business was sold in 1969,” Slotkin says.

Mikelberg worked for a couple of years in Chicago and then joined Thorn Apple Valley as vice president of Processing.

“When I was President of John Morrell in 1978, I hired Arnie as Senior Vice President in charge of Processed meats,” Slotkin says. “He held that position over 10 years. He then returned to TAV and then became President of Armour Swift Eckrich in 1995. He left ASE and did consulting for Smithfield and other big companies , mostly in Europe and Russia.

“After travelling extensively for many years, Arnie decided to retire, and he and his family moved to Florida,” he adds.

Mikelberg is survived by Judy, his wife of 47 years, a daughter Hilary and a son Barry. 

Source: Don Slotkin