Legrand continues to round out its industrial product line with the release of the new Pass & Seymour Cable Reels. The Cable Reels come in four varieties, including the 1000 Series, the 1200 Series, the 1400 Series and the Static Discharge Reels. The Pass & Seymour Cable Reels are designed with productivity, efficiency and safety in mind.

“The design of our cable reels allows industrial workers to focus on getting the job done quickly and well without interruption,” said Jeff Seabury, Industrial Product Manager for Legrand. “They’re easy to use, enhance productivity and maximize efficiency on the job site.”

Cable Reels are made in the United States and feature a sturdy, high-quality construction that is safe and reliable and will work hard in harsh, industrial environments. They are designed to keep cables neatly stored and out of the way to prevent tripping, shocks and burns and to minimize cable stress to prevent cable damage and extend cable life. They are easy to install and feature a smooth cable payout.

The 1000 Series Cable Reels are designed for commercial and light industrial applications and feature separate base plates that allow the reel to be quickly repositioned and moved. The 1200 Series Cable Reels are designed for industrial applications that require a small spring-driven cord reel. With an all-steel construction and fiberglass nylon drum, the 1200 Series provides reliable and long-lasting performance. Built to withstand harsh applications for years with little or no maintenance, the 1400 Series Cable Reels are the toughest cable reel. The 1400 Series is UL and CSA listed for indoor and outdoor use in compliance with NEMA 4. The Static Discharge Reels provide maximum safety in hazardous areas by clamping to the ground to dissipate any static electricity that has gathered, reducing the possibility of sparks and explosions.

Legrand’s new series of Cable Reels add to the growing line of Pass & Seymour electrical wiring solutions for the Industrial market to help maintain cleanliness, reduce and prevent corrosion, promote worker safety and maintain uptime on job sites. Other Legrand products in this category include SteriGuard Antimicrobial Industrial Wiring Devices, Cablofil Wire Mesh Cable Trays, Straight Blade and Turnlok Ground Continuity Monitoring Plugs and Connectors, Non-fusible Safety Switches and Stainless Steel Safety Switches.

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