Flexible Pack (www.flexiblepack.com), specializing in a wide range of flexible packaging solutions through use of cutting-edge technology that transforms continuous rolls of plastic and papers into finished products, is employing use of HP Indigo WS6800, a digital press recognized as an industry benchmark in label and packaging production.

The HP Indigo 6800 allows for roll-to-roll technology that produces a highly productive and versatile narrow-web labels and packaging solution.  The 9,000-pound industrial press operates at 98 feet per minute for four-color jobs (65 for six-color) and supports diverse applications and media. Its featured capabilities, including high resolution printing and a wide spectrum of color profiles, is ideally suited to the Flexible Pack product line of shrink sleeves, pouches and labels.

Featured capabilities of the HP Indigo 6800 are high resolution printing, superior addressability of applications requiring a high level of lightfastness in outdoor conditions and a wide spectrum of color profiles.  The industrial-sized digital press provides one-shot technology; all color separations are transferred simultaneously in a single pass for accurate and repeatable color-to-color registration, even on heat-sensitive materials.  The HP Indigo 6800 is also compatible with HP Mosaic software, which offers the ability to create and print an unlimited number of unique designs for any product.

In addition, the HP Indigo 6800 is manufactured carbon neutral for reduced production waste and energy efficiency.

“Print quality and versatility is vital to our brand and since the HP Indigo 6800 is considered the ‘gold standard’ digital press it makes perfect sense to use this superior technology,” said Meagan Bennett, Sales Director for Flexible Pack. 

Flexible Pack is an independent company and a branch of Design Mark Industries (www.design-mark.com), a leader in custom manufacturing electronic membrane switches and touch screens.