Evisceration is an important part of poultry processing, with processors increasingly looking for high-speed solutions that still offer high levels of automation, productivity, and food safety. Meyn’s innovative Vent cutter M3.0 and Opening machine M3.0 make quantity and product quality a reality during the first step of the evisceration process.

Meyn’s engineers successfully tested the new Vent cutter M3.0 and Opening machine M3.0 with customers in Europe, USA and Brazil. The new technology suits the needs of high volume processors pursuing a farm-to-fork safe product with low contamination levels. It is now available for integration into existing Meyn evisceration lines.

The Vent cutter M3.0 ensures consistent low contamination, using a patented inner bushing mechanism, that protects the knife from cutting into the intestines during vent extraction. Poultry processors benefit from minimum yield loss or damage, with an exact drilling position and simple adjustment for varying bird weights and sizes at capacities from 6,000 to 15,000 bph mechanical speed. Drill units are easily cleaned after each cycle.

Designed to reduce intestinal damage, the Opening machine M3.0 ensures consistent low contamination
during evisceration, via an innovative ‘swivel’ movement of the scissors that moves the scissors away from the intestinal pack. The up and down movement of the scissors also ensures an excellent cut for a wide variety of bird sizes.

“Performance is further enhanced with a patented cutting mechanism that provides a consistent and accurate cut, while the highly durable cutting blades achieve a clean cut along with reduced maintenance and downtime,” said Meyn’s Senior Design Engineer Nick Karsten.

Precise positioning of the bird in the machine means that birds’ intestinal tracts stay in their natural position as much as possible, and the cut is relative to the keel bone, so there are no uncovered breasts.

According to Pete van Poorten, as Product Manager responsible for Meyn's evisceration solutions, “Meyn’s new Vent cutter M3.0 and Opening machine M3.0 are sophisticated evisceration solutions; an excellent choice for poultry processors focused on achieving high volumes and food safe products.”

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