Domino’s and Eriez, two established companies who are leaders in their respective trades, are celebrating 17 years of doing business together. On November 8, 2018 Ray Spurgeon, Eriez Metal Detector Product Manager, presented Steve Covert, Domino’s Director-Supply Chain Strategic Projects and Mike Popa, Domino’s Reliability Maintenance Engineer, with a plaque in Ann Arbor, Michigan, recognizing this milestone.

Eriez metal detectors have been in use at Domino’s since 2001, operating at their Supply Chain Centers worldwide inspecting rounded dough and fresh toppings.  Most recently, Domino’s initiated the process of upgrading their equipment with Eriez’ newest Xtreme Metal Detector models.

Covert states, “Eriez is a wonderful partner and that’s why we selected them as our preferred supplier. Our metal detectors are an integral part of our HACCP program and Eriez’ reliability and support are unsurpassed.  Further, each of our Supply Chain Centers has a variety of layout limitations and Eriez engineered custom solutions for each of our production lines.”

Domino’s also utilized Eriez’ 22,000-square-foot Central Test Lab to ensure their stringent sensitivity requirements were met.  Popa explains, “Product was sent from local stores and a team from Domino’s visited Eriez to witness the test.”  Eriez also hosted live testing from its state-of-the-art media room for Supply Chain managers from all over the world that could not make a trip to Eriez headquarters in Pennsylvania. “The online demonstration enabled us to watch the testing in real time--as if we were standing right at the equipment--which saved us thousands in travel expenses,” Popa says.

Spurgeon states, “Eriez and Domino’s have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship.” He adds, “We are proud of our long-standing association and we share a common bond: protecting consumers.”

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