Warren Dahl, who started as a meat cutting apprentice to a neighborhood and became one of Minneapolis’ best known meat cutters, died on January 31 at the age of 92. He spent decades running the meat counter at one of the city’s best-known delis, Ingebretsen’s Nordic Marketplace.

“He never worked a day in his life because he enjoyed what he did,” his daughter, Carolyn Christofersen, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “He never met a stranger, either. He was always open and above board.”

Dahl served in World War II, which was his only time away from his trade. In the 1960s, he became partners with Charles (Bud) Ingebretsen Jr., proprietor of Ingebretsen’s. According to the company website, Dahl brought with him his recipes for Swedish meatballs and other traditional foods that have since become signature items in the butcher shop. The two families are still in business to this day, with the Dahl family running the butcher shop and the Ingebretsens running the gift shop.

Dahl was known for his booming voice and friendly welcomes to the shop’s customers. He worked behind the counter during the shop’s Christmas rush until five years ago.

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