2019 marks a special year for Speco Inc. as the company embarks on celebrating its 95th anniversary.

Carl Wilhiem Dieckmann came to the U.S.A. from Ploen, Germany. He was trained as a butcher and sausage maker (wurst macher). In the early 1920's, the shaving industry was evolving from the old straight edge razor to the new disposable safety razor blade. This gave Dieckmann the idea for a removable blade (insert) in a meat grinder knife. The design proved so superior to the old solid knife designs that he received a patent in 1924. This was truly the start of the Specialty Manufacturers Sales Company.

“We recognize it would not be possible without our loyal customers, and for that we want to say THANK YOU!” the company said in a statement. “Since we started in 1924, we continue to manufacture unsurpassed quality meat grinder plates and knives. As our Owner and President Craig Hess always says, ‘quality will keep you in the game.’ Make sure to visit us at www.speco.com and see what’s kept us in the game for 95 years.”