Foodmate and Intralox have collaborated on TraySort, a grading, packaging, and distribution system.

The new system is designed to reduce labor and packaging waste and improve control and distribution of final packaged chicken and meat products. 

The partnership brings together Foodmate’s innovative and efficient cut-up line and vision technology and Intralox’s vast experience in maximizing product handling requirements through logical conveyor layout.

“Our goal is to ultimately create a highly efficient environment for each plant, executing the best in automation capability in cut-up, production, control and distribution solutions for our customers”, stated Scott Hazenbroek, president of Foodmate US, Inc. 

TraySort has touch-screen automated pre-programmed product recognition criteria which include tray size, tray color, product type, product quantity, orientation on belt, tray gap detection, foreign object detection, and product overhang detection.

TraySort directs the product to the correct wrapping machine which saves on packaging costs and labor. Badly packaged product is rejected before wrapping.

The system can work with tray gaps as small as 6 inches, thereby increasing the amount of product passing through the system. In addition, it safeguards product quality by ensuring gentle handling and no cross-contamination. 

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