The Schur Flexibles Group, specialist for flexible packaging solutions, has presented a pioneering sustainability strategy along the principle guidelines of "rethink". The implementation of the strategy is guided by the newly developed 5R program, which is based on the five pillars Responsibility, Recycling, Replace, Reduction and Renewal. At IFFA 2019 the group, which is specialised on sustainable packaging, will be showcasing its range of innovative packaging options, which are either recyclable, made of renewable raw materials or extremely reduced regarding use of resources and will be available to advise on developing tailor-made solutions.

Sustainable solutions already part of the portfolio
Numerous products from the Schur Flexibles range already contribute to sustainable resource management and particularly support the presentation and protection as well as the reliable extension of the shelf life of meat and poultry products.

Many Schur Flexibles products are made of mono materials or of materials from the same group of plastics and are therefore recyclable. An example for that is the group of polyolefins, which includes the plastics polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). This also enables the recyclability (country-specific) of product combinations from the Schur Flexibles portfolio such as SkinFreshTop combined with C-base bottom films (PP), FlexiFlow or TopGuard for PP trays and cups.

A special packaging solution is the reclosable FlexiClose packaging concept. Used in conjunction with Schur Flexibles C-base PP bottom film, FlexiClose provides a completely recyclable, high barrier, reclosure solution. What makes FlexiClose so innovative is the polyolefin-based lidding film which, when used in combination with C-base, forms a recyclable system. In recognition of its highly innovative qualities, FlexiClose was recently awarded the German Packaging Award for Sustainability as well as the Gold Award.

The development of extremely thin films is another important path on the way to more sustainability. They offer material savings of between 20 and 25 percent and reduce the amount of resources required for storage and transportation, thus leading to a more efficient use of resources all along the value chain. The Schur Flexibles range of innovative and high performing products for meat and poultry products includes the VACUshrink FM40 film and BarrierTop X 35 which are amongst the thinnest in the market. In addition, Schur Flexibles has developed the flexible and extremely transparent thermoforming VACUflex film.

Schur Flexibles has also increased the use of renewable raw materials such as paper and fibre materials. This includes DanaFibre bottom films for thermoforming applications that utilise paper or fibre instead of polymers. PE from renewable resources (bioethanol) and sugar-based films are further examples of this.

High performing solutions for sensitive food products
Solutions by Schur Flexibles are always about boosting performance, especially for the highly sensitive products in the meat industry. Plastic as a material for vacuum or MAP packaging is still indispensable within current technological standards. Therefore, Schur Flexibles offers products that reduce the use of raw materials, utilise renewable materials and improve recyclability, without sacrificing product protection, hygiene or handling. Whether it is packaging optimised for recycling, with reduced material consumption or based on materials from renewable resources, Schur Flexibles packaging provides reliable sealing, excellent peelability, reclosability, antifog, high levels of transparency and tear resistance.

Schur Flexibles packaging provides reliable sealing, excellent peelability, reclosability, antifog, high levels of transparency and tear resistance. Furthermore, a large number of print options – gravure, flexo, offset and digital print – are available. In order to be admitted to the Schur Flexibles range of packaging, all sustainable products must also guarantee these qualities.

This shows that sophisticated packaging solutions and maximum product safety and convenience can be combined with greater sustainability. The innovative materials pioneered by Schur Flexibles are ideal for the packaging of sensitive products such as meat and poultry, processed meat and others.

Gaining point-of-sale advantages with sustainable packaging
Utilising the modern, flexible and resource-saving packaging solutions offered by Schur Flexibles not only protects the environment but also ensures a competitive advantage at the point of sale. Sustainability is a criterion that increasingly influences consumers when they decide whether to buy a product or not. Therefore, the ability to advertise products by highlighting the sustainability of their packaging leads to significant market advantages.

Schur Flexibles at IFFA, Frankfurt, Germany: Hall 11.1, Stand B71

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