Schur Flexibles Group, a leading international provider of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, has acquired 100 percent of Sweden-based flexible packaging specialist Scandiflex Pac AB.

The acquisition enhances Schur Flexibles’ strong and rapidly growing market position in Europe, and will particularly bolster Schur Flexibles’ existing capabilities in the Nordic region in the sphere of flexo printing.

Overall, this means the group will become a full-service provider in the Nordics region, covering the complete converting and digital printing value chain. Combining Scandiflex Pac with Schur Flexibles Denmark, Schur Flexibles Finland and Danapak Flexibles, the Schur Flexibles Group covers a platform in the Nordics with a turnover of more than €120 million euros.

Michael Schernthaner, Managing Director of the Schur Flexibles Group, says, “Scandiflex Pac is the perfect addition to the growing Schur Flexibles Group. As a leader in the highly attractive Nordic region and an established player in flexo and digital printing, the company will perfectly complement our strong existing European footprint and capabilities. Together we will continue to revolutionize the European flexible packaging industry.”

Stefan Andersson, Managing Director of Scandiflex Pac, adds, “The flexible packaging market is characterised by growth and innovation. As part of the Schur Flexibles Group we can both, benefit from enhanced scale and pooled expertise to more effectively stay ahead of rapidly evolving customer demands and regulatory requirements. Schur Flexibles Group’s sharp focus on innovation, sustainability and quality also very clearly matches our own.”

Scandiflex Pac is one of the leading Swedish producers of printed flexible packaging laminates for the food industry. The company, in operation since 1985, has revenues of approximately €20 million and is headquartered in Landskrona in Scania, southern Sweden. The company will add further expertise in flexo and digital printing to the Group, as well as its deep, long-established relationships with customers and suppliers across the Nordic market.

Scandiflex Pac is renowned in the Nordic region, and more broadly throughout Europe, for its capabilities in flexible printed packaging solutions for a wide range of food market segments. Schur Flexibles will benefit from the company’s competence in delivering packaging for meat, fish, dairy, dry food products and coffee, also ready-made and frozen food. The Group will also be able to develop Scandiflex Pac’s expertise in printed and transparent films as well as laminates.

Combining the two companies’ leadership in sustainability will also enable the Group to stay ahead of customer and regulator expectations even more effectively, further minimizing their environmental impact. Scandiflex Pac currently operates at an efficiency rate of close to 100 percent and uses recycling systems that significantly reduce energy consumption.

The incorporation of the business in the Schur Flexibles Group will add value through the transfer of expertise between Scandiflex Pac and the Group’s French business, Schur Flexibles Uni. Scandiflex Pac will significantly benefit from the digital printing expertise of the Group’s internal specialists.

Schur Flexibles has a track record of successfully acquiring and integrating renowned players in the European market, such as Schur Flexibles Uni and parts of the Clondalkin Group in 2018. The Group currently holds a strong position in the well-established markets of Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Greece and France.

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