RodeXit is an innovative new protection product for exclusion designed to prevent rodents from entering through openings underneath doorways. It installs in minutes is designed to protect food processing plants, restaurants, grocery and supermarkets, and other sensitive areas.

Distributed by Syracuse-based The British Rat Trap Company (TBRTC), RodeXit costs about $30 per yard to install on any commercial or residential door and does not take a licensed pest management professional or door installer. The product takes about five minutes to install with common tools, making it easy so that anyone can install it quickly.

According to TBRTC President David Bennett, RodeXit differs from common door sweeps because it is made from a strong polymer called Santoprene, is pliable and reinforced with strategically placed embedded steel wires, locking mice, rats and other rodents out. it repels bugs, drafts, and dirt, reduces rodenticide and reduces pesticide use, and is the ideal replacement for a door sweep.

“Mice can enter a home or facility through an opening as small as ¼-inch and rats through one as small as ½-inch, many products being used to prevent them from entering under doorways are constantly gnawed through by rodents,” Bennett said. “With RodeXit, rodents not only have trouble gnawing the product, the steel wires block them, providing significant reinforcement denying entry.”

The product comes in coils at the following sizes:

  • 12 yards - $360 or $30 per 36-inch door (protects 12 doors)
  • 14 yards - #414 or $29.58 per 36-inch door (protects 14 doors)
  • 27 yards - $769. (27 doors)

Bennett said the product also is ideal for food industry, supermarkets, apartment complexes, public housing and agricultural buildings. For commercial applications when Pallet jacks or forklifts collide with doors for entry, stainless steel shielding protection are available and simple to install protecting the RodeXit proofing strips against damage.

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