The P3 Operator Controlled Load Leveler increases productivity and improves worker safety in manual pallet loading and unloading operations. The unit can be raised or lowered at the touch of button to position the top layer of boxes at the most comfortable, easy-to-access height. It is the ideal load leveler choice when precise load positioning is required or when load weights, pallet sizes or product dimensions vary greatly and frequently.

The P3 Operator Controlled Load Leveler’s platform has an integrated turntable that sits on anti-friction bearings, allowing users to spin the load so they are always loading and unloading from the same spot with no need to reach across or walk around the pallet. The unit’s base is equipped with fork pockets which provide exceptional stability – no lagging required – and allow it to be easily moved to a different location with a forklift or stacker.

Two models are available with 2,000 or 4,000 pound capacities. Both units operate on standard 115V power. A 1 HP motor operates hydraulic cylinders which raise or lower the platform from a low height of 9-1/2” to 27 ¾”. Lifting and lowering is controlled via a footswitch or hand pendant.

In addition to the standard configuration, P3 Operator Controlled units can be furnished with a wide variety of options including phenolic or solid steel disc covers, square or rectangular solid tops, bellows accordion skirting, one-touch auto leveling, an access step and special finishes including special paint colors, chemical resistant coatings, two-part epoxies, hot-dipped galvanizing and stainless steel construction.

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