While it’s nice to recall the days of three square meals, snacking is the new normal.

95 percent of U.S. adults snack at least once a day; and 70 percent snack two or more times per day.

41 percent believe it is healthier to snack throughout the day than eat three standard meals.

69 percent believe anything can be considered a snack.

As consumer attitudes shift, leading brands are responding by delivering snacks that are filling and provide energy between – or in place of – meals.

Snacks like turkey, with claims of high protein, offer consumers convenience, portion control and portability.

Butterball, America’s most recognized turkey brand, is responding to the snacking shift by delivering a snacking product that highlights nutritional components and offers a fun and functional format.

Amcor’s packaging professionals combine award-winning package design, science and market insights, which accelerated Butterball’s time to market. That expertise supported by collaboration, rapid prototyping and hands on research have been fundamental to Amcor’s success with leading brands around the globe.

Amcor helped bring to life Butterball’s vision for eye-catching packaging to showcase its new snacking product line. Using Amcor’s easy-open EZ Peel® lidding, the packaging provides outstanding product visibility and antifog, as well as an elevated sensorial experience delivered with matte film and tactile print.

“We knew exactly what we wanted from the packaging to help our snacks catch the eye of consumers, and Amcor had the exact product for our needs,” said Jeff Mundt, vice president of innovation and research and development with Butterball. “The combination of an appealing design, clear visibility to the products in the package and ease of use for the consumer make this unique packaging a perfect fit for Butterball Premium Snacks.”

Want more market share in the expanding snacking market? Amcor offers award-winning flexible and rigid packaging and then delivers the market insights and creative ideas that enable our customers to win in snacking or other expanding markets.

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