Sealed Air featured more than 40 innovative solutions and services during this year’s International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, including those from Automated Packaging Systems, a company Sealed Air acquired in 2019.

Automated Packaging Systems brings complementary capabilities to Sealed Air, including expertise in engineering, automation technology, and sustainability. Some of the solutions Cryovac displayed at IPPE included:

  • CRYOVAC Brand Darfresh on Tray:  Uses 100% of film creating zero film scrap and up to 40% less material waste. It also has 35% faster processing speeds (vs. other skin pack and rollstock technologies) which can significantly increase pounds packaged per man-hour.
  • CRYOVAC Brand Darfresh on Board: A new, sustainable packaging solution that is set to revolutionize the presentation of the protein retail market. It uses zero scrap packaging technology combined with a cardboard flat support and vacuum skin technology that helps extend shelf-life.
  • CRYOVAC Brand Plant-Based Rollstock: A semi-rigid rollstock that combines plant-based, renewable materials with PET or recovered PET to create packaging structures that offer advanced barrier protection while reducing the use of traditional plastic.
  • CRYOVAC Brand BL75 Bag Loader: The Cryovac BL75 is a fully automatic high speed bag loader designed for dairy, and smoked and processed meats. The BL75 provides a smooth operation which eliminates the repetitive and labor intensive process of loading product into bags by featuring automatic advancing and opening of taped bags and a high speed belt to insert product into the opened bag. The Sealed Air Food Care Cryovac packaging system including a bag loader, rotary vacuum chamber, shrink tunnel and proprietary Cryovac Oxygen Barrier shrink bags creates the ultimate finished package to protect and highlight the product.
  • Automated Packaging Systems FAS SPrint Revolution SidePouch Food Bagger: High-speed, flexible packaging system that delivers uptime reliability for packing fresh and frozen foods in poly bags and stand-up pouches in manual to fully automatic operations.

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