Unlock the full potential of loin boning operations! The American back finner (ABF) is the only machine in the world designed to loosen the featherbones before pork carcass chil­ling. This process creates unbeatable yield improvement on loins and shoulders, while reducing labor needs for loin boning and neckbone lifting.

The ABF benefits from over 20 years of experience gained from the previous generation of backfinning machines. Both use a circular saw to cut the skin, and two knives along the featherbones. However, this new version brings a mandatory feature needed for the North American processors: the ability to process carcasses with the head clipped, loosened or removed.

Use the ABF with other Frontmatec equipment such as the Robotic chine bone saw for loins, generating unrivaled loin yield improvement. It can also obtain grading input from the AutoFom III, providing the ultimate selection of boneless loins, right on the kill floor.

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